from the bottom of ma mofo skinny hart

When i started blogging i didn't really have expectations at all, nada, swear to god. No plans of getting famous, getting free stuff, envied by others. Ok, hands up! You fuckers got me. Who am i kidding?

No really, this is just for fun. I mean if you want to succeed and not fail don't treat whatever it is that you're doing seriously, or else it'll become a burden. It's all about doing what you love, and once you treat it as something you'll get reward afterwards, then you lose. I did this to satisfy the cam whore in me, my megalomaniac and narcissistic side. If i become the next #menswear IT boy, fine, if not, who cares?!

I am not sure why am explaining but i just want to talk about the types of reader that I have. Just pick which type you are and lemme know. When i say lemme know, please guys lemme know! Am tired of seeing comments just from the people i know, seriously! 

Friends - It's obvious, and am assuming, that if you're friends with someone they'll support whatever shits you're in. It's your obligation as my friend to pretend to like what am doing. I mean it's really not hard guys, all am asking is just go to my site, click my new post then close it. You don't really have to read or look at the pictures of ma ugly mug, just open the site, ok? It'll count, nuffnang wanted to see numbers, that’s their shit and their sensitive bout it you know. But if you're ms east, obviously you don't have a choice coz this blog is your idea in the first place, or if you're maui, my editor-proof-reader-when-she's-not-busy-changing-auhndrei's-diaper-or-re-arranging-her-diamonds.

Trainees - When you're my trainee, you don't really have a fuckin choice. I mean you'll fail if you don't go to my site at least 5 times daily. I don't fuckin care if you're not into blogs and #menswear coz you got no taste, it's a must. Everytime I start a new class, after introducing ma self, i'd introduce my website afterwards. Aside from visiting ma site, my trainees are also forced to take pictures of me, so if you have a talent taking photos of an asshole, then, please, by all means, apply! You'll surely become my star student. (Hope ma boss is not reading this.)

Colleagues - You always see me everyday, except Saturdays and Sundays coz am a trainer you know, the skinny dude with the faux-hawk. You call me the metrosexual guy aka just-a-meter-more-and-he's-gay. You're curious what shit am into coz i always look shiny, and people you know know me. So you ask, then they'll tell you that am a blogger, so out of curiosity you went to my site and decided never to visit it again. Curiosity kills the cat!

Facebook friends - You used to like every pictures that i posted on my page. It's not that you adore me, but you're just really trigger happy. You have plenty of time liking other people's picture or status, even though you don't really read or look at them. Then one day, you noticed that am posting links instead, since you have plenty of time anyway, you clicked the link, BOOM! Yes, i took my cam whore-ness and self-gratification to the next level. I created a blog!

Haters - Coz deep inside you wanted to wear whatever shit am wearing. Hoping one day you'll fit into my skinny jeans, wear ma shades and strut in ma boots. You long for that day when you'll have the attitude that i have, the my-shit-not-yours attitude. You're a pussy, you're a scared little mouse trap inside your machismo bruhaha and tasteless self. You went to my site, and check ma shit, you tried but you failed, miserably, so you end up hating me more.

Another blogger – you checked ma site so you can get ideas, but oooh I disappoint, big time! You’ll get nothing from me, unless you decided to cuzz as well, then by all means.

Stumbled upon - You either typed asshole, skinny asshole, fool, people-who-thought-they-re-cool-so-they-have-a-blog or just searching for some style inspiration. You accidentally click my picture instead of the other delusional guy’s picture beside ma picture, whew, coz you're fingers are tired clicking all day. Since it's already loading, you decided to wait, then you saw my shit, closed it and decided to watch porn instead, fuckin #menswear ma ass!

Whoever you are, from the bottom of my motherfucking skinny heart, thank you, thank you for wasting your time. I know am nothing compared to 99.99% of #menswear bloggers out there, style and grammar wise. Everytime i check ma blog stats, seeing numbers, single, double or triple, am elated! Thank you!

Now, leave your fucking answer/s pricks!!!!

sunnies - ray ban, chambray - pierre cardin, belt - no label, jeans - custom, 
loafers - h e, bag - marc ecko
photos - new victim ian  
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