i am my mother's son

It's tuesday today but am not in the office. Am on leave because my melodramatic and bratty mom kept pestering me bout accompanying her to the biggest mall here, and one of the biggest in the world, SM Mall of Asia (MOA). I intended to actually go with ma dad to process his retirement papers but if you know ma mom, she always somehow manages to have it her way, otherwise it's tantrums all day. They're here for the holidays and will be leaving next week.

So off we went. Soon as we got there i decided to to find her her elusive skinny jeans. No ma mom is not skinny, and she's already 60, but what mama wants, mama gets. She saw Mango so we went there first. No size for her so she tried to find something else. Good thing that it seems like Mango does not cater to the plus size women so she didn't find anything. Went to topshop, same thing. My mom's very persistent and she doesn't give up easily. She smiled when she saw her favorite store, Forever 21, yes, you read it right. Finally she found the jeans and she seemed to be happy. And i tell you i was kinda relieved that she didn't pick up other items, ma wallet can relax. 

"Let's eat!" i heard her say. Me and my dad were laughing and can't believe she doesn't want to shop anymore. Guess the heels she was wearing wore her down, heh! Told her we'll go to Muji first to buy the shirt i've been eyeing last time ms east was here when we were in Greenbelt. Unfortunately they don't have it anymore. But do you think we'd leave the mall without getting something for my self? Nope, i bought ma self 2 pairs of boxer briefs, too much info i know! I tell you, i'd be pissed leaving without a paper bag. 

By the way, i think i found my new favorite store, it's Muji. I just love how simple their clothes are, very easy on the eye. The colors are muted as well, just what a color blind like me prefer. I also like the store design, minimal and clean. If you're into fashion and interior design, you'll appreciate the store better coz they got the clothes and stylish home furnishings at the same time. Can't wait to go back and spend my supposed hard earned moolah. Yup, am a shop-a-holic and am indeed my mother's son.

sunnies - ray ban, jacket - springfield, shirt - topman, jeans - custom
belt - ronald pineau, boots - kenneth cole
muji bonifacio high street photo - cosmo ph
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