it's fly to be broke

You think being broke is fuck as hell? Think again.

  • You don't go retarded on trends. Coz you don't have money, you only buy 1 or 2 items, that's all you can afford, which is a lot safer, and you'll have an excuse that you're not really a follower, not trying hard, not a sell out and doesn't give a shit about fashion. Just in case it's not that obvious. The trick is, buy key piece/s only!

  •  You'll be more resourceful. Vintage shops or ukay, as we love or dread to call here, will be the source of your wardrobe. You can get designer brands and ridiculously expensive clothes at fucking ridiculously, even beggars can afford, price. Just wash them with alcohol before wearing, ok? You can also wait for shops to go on sale, who cares if you're a year late.

  • You take care of what you have, coz it's the only thing that you have. I, for example, takes really good care of my clothes, and what not, especially expensive stuff that i purchased with my supposed hard earned money.  

  • You recycle. Coz you're broke, you take care of what you have, which means when the trend comes back, you'll be able to wear them again, and you don't have to fuckin fret about not being able to score those shits you saw from other peoples blog, tumblr or instagram.

  • Ever heard of the word innovative? Sure you do! It goes hand in hand with style and fashion. Trends come and go, so stylistas and designers will find a way of using old trends, making them now and in and hip and relevant (lots of ands there). Now am not talking about goin Project Runway kind of shit, don't even think about it if you don't have the talent, this ain't home economics subject you cunt, am talking about wearing old/existing clothes differently. Unbuttoned shirt? Go all-buttoned until you choke yourself to death. Roll/unroll your trousers till you're tired. Socks? Go sockless, less laundry, you conserved water and you help mother earth heal. Rotate your clothes and pair them with different items, trust me, meclizine hydrochloride is a lot cheaper!

  • You have an excuse to look like a hobo. Yes, you can't afford clothes so they will understand, they dig you. Unlike people you know who, aside from their pay checks, also get allowance from their parents, still looks like a hobo coz they ain't got taste. Clothes are for sale, not taste and style you know!

So yeah! It's fly to be broke!

***all photos courtesy of google***
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