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Am still howlin like a fuckin mad dog but am kinda feelin better now. Im supposed to go to the north later tonight to support my friend Wes for the 160km BDM Ultra Marathon but we both decided that i stay to  recuperate. Could've been fun but i won't be able to sleep for more than 36 hrs coz the run is non-stop. Crazy i know, sting and tantric kinda crazy!

Anyways, this is what i wore to work today. After wearing all checks, am wearing all stripes this time. Think it looked cool, yup coz that's the only word i know when describing things, fuckin ugly or not. Sorry for the crappy images, can't see the stripes well. I really need a real camera asap so you guys won't notice how mediocre this blog is, and by real i mean a camera that you can't use to call or text another fucker.

For the meantime, just pretend you love what you see, don't be so sissy bout it. 

And to Wes, you can do it! Goodluck bruh! 

sunnies - gifted, button down - m&s, jacket - spf, belt - zara, trousers - uniqlo, oxfords - hugo boss
photos - hoy sarah
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