no sweat

It's a gloomy friday here in the tropics, the kind of weather that fashion fools aka bloggers, wannabees and victims, me included, always enjoy. It's that time when we can wear layers and layers of clothing, wrap our necks with scarf, show off our thrifted (from ukay store) leather jackets and trench coats and get away with it, almost.

I know most of you guys living in the arctic would want to wear shorts and tank tops all the time but us here, it's the opposite. Every opportunity to wear fall or winter clothes, we'd grab, doesn't matter if we're sweating profusely or lookin like we're being interrogated by CIA or the airport security. Don't be surprised to see people collapsing on the streets, their clothes would tell you why. 

Since am a blogger i mean a fool, i resorted to layering today. No i did not faint, and no i wasn't sweating like a pig, i got no fats you know. I wore all black, as usual, with the exception of the blue button down shirt. Please excuse me if am wearing the same boots again, they're kinda my favorite right now.

PS. don't mind the retarded pose (last photo)

sunnies - ray ban, military inspired jacket - thrifted, button down - marks and spencer
tank top -  bench, belt - no brand, corduroy pants - custom, boots - kenneth cole
photos - hoy sarah!
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