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 We talked about the so called starter kit should you decide to amp your style game, now let's move on to the accessories. Like i mentioned, it's not really that important however, if you want your look to be complete, then you should consider.

Since you're still new in this shit, and overhauling your wardrobe and look will cost a great deal of money, let's just talk about the important items first, items that you can always wear. The essentials so to speak. I mean let's face it, it's fucking retarded to say that looking good doesn't cost anything, that's hypocrisy. Even if you just decide to have your old clothes altered for a slimmer fit, it'll still cost you money.


Avoid fakes or imitations. It's better to be called cheapo than a wayfaker or fakewearer. Here in the philippines, we have a lot of shops that sell cheap sunglasses. I usually go to aldo, springfield and debenhams. Consider your face shape, just because they look good on other people, that doesn't mean it'll also look good on you. My face is long so am better off with big or rectangular shapes. As much as i wanted a pair of ray-ban aviators, i can't wear 'em coz it'll make my face longer. But if you have the money, hell yes! Splurge! Get the classics, they'll never go out of style.


Consider the shoes you own. If you have brown leather shoes, then get brown, if you have black, then black, as easy as that. Get the classic designs as well, avoid trendy pieces. Start with an inch wide belt. Pick something that you can wear for casual and formal clothes. Go to zara or department stores. I usually avoid patented leathers, though they're cheap they don't last, it's a waste of money unless for emergency purposes only and i don't have the money.


I don't usually wear watch coz ma wrist are too skinny, however i changed ma mind when i saw nixon's the unit. Luckily, i got the all black color instead of black and yellow combo, it goes easily with whatever i wear. Am not recommending it to you though coz you might not like it, it's a bit expensive as well (got it on one time sale here in the office). And since we're talkin bout spending less here, what am recommending is the watch from timex, been dying to get one however i tend to forget about it when i have the money and add the fact that it's hard to find. Already know where to get it however am not telling you where, am goin to get one for ma self first, selfish bastard, i know. The design is actually simple, very classic, what i love about it is the fact that you can wear it with almost anything, the trick is just replace the strap. So no need to buy different watches for different occasion. But if you want other brands, that's fine, just make sure to avoid trendy pieces.


Look for either a tote or what we call a man purse. Ditched the backpacks, you're not in school anymore. Guess the only time it's acceptable is when you're travelling, and it's long distance, goin to the gym, or any sports activity. But if you insist, there are backpacks that looks acceptable even when donning your office getup. If you don't like carrying bags, then don't bring anything, unless you want to carry a plastic bag and end up lookin like a hobo. If you want cheap but nice tote bags, go to SM department store and look for salvatore mann, i got one actually. Found some nice design in springfield and f&h as well.     


A lot of guys still wear them, however i really dunno what you should get should you decide to wear one, or five, coz one is not enough. Just remember the craftsmanship and don't overdo it, also avoid wearing them if you're getup is very formal.

So there you go. Hope this post will help you. And if you think i forgot something that is important, please lemme know!

All photos posted here are not mine, all came from fourpins and google.

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