i thought i saw a copycat

Just want to share photos that ian took earlier while we're smoking. You might noticed the position of the tie, it's out of place, the shirt, created a saggy poof, etc., rowie's fault actually, she ditched us, she was busy, supposedly.

The look, was actually inspired by the master, nick wooster. I think ma version is terrible. I originally planned to do a denim on denim feature, with tucked neck tie, but got no luck finding a denim button down. Yesterday, while googling the master's photo am gonna use for ma "summon the nick wooster in you" post, i saw a pic of him wearing a navy button down and selvedge denim, with tucked neck tie. It's the look that i had in mind, just replace the navy with the denim button down. So i said, fuck it, amana play copycat. Unfortunately, ma navy shirt got a tuxedo type collar, so i ended up using ma old, very old, blue tyler shirt that i bought 10 or 11 years ago, yes, it's very old.

Anyways, the rest they say is history, a bad case of steez biting, as what four pins calls it.

sunnies - ray-ban, button down - tyler, belt - zara, neck tie - sm
jeans - custom, brogues - sf
photos - ian
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