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While fashionistas on the other side of the world are busy with NY Fashion week, straining their eyes with endless flow of imagery, of fashion creation, models, celebrities, designers, stylistas and fashionistas, i on the other hand is just chillin, when i say chillin i meant staying home, doing some gardening, re-arranging our furniture, pickin up our cats poop, surfing the net, listening to pirated music, watching pirated movies, pickin up cats poop again and today, working, but no cat's poop coz am in the office.

You might ask why am i talking bout fashion week? Coz i wanted to, coz this is my blog! Seriously, it's kinda hard to explain, it's the same thing when people ask me why am into fashion when am a guy, why i look the way i look, why can't i be like other guy, read blah, or same as why most guys are afraid of shopping, of dressing up, of looking presentable. It's like talking to a retard, do you get the point?

So what about it? Well nothing really, it's just a bunch of people lookin like peacocks, watching other peacocks. If you're into style, am pretty sure you'll orgasm just witnessing the prelude, and am gonna say rolls and rolls of bathroom papers on the main event. It's a bit shallow i know, but that's just the surface, i won't go further explaining the science, commerce, art and the extravaganza called NY Fashion week, or any other fashion weeks in general.

Since am a nobody, and i can't afford to be there (or anywhere right now, don't even have a fuckin passport), i just contented ma self lookin at pictures on the net from sites like Four Pins, The Sartorialist, blogs, twitter feeds, etc.. Lookin at the stylish people who made it to the sites, it made me ask myself why do i have a fuckin style blog in the first place, it's embarrassing. I looked like i don't have any idea about style and menswear, nada, whatsoever! But you see, guess the reason why you always have fashion week every year, in NY or other states and countries, is because style and fashion are constantly changing, it's evolving, it's not a one-time deal only. Like me, am still learning, ma style is still evolving, kinda life you know.

So if you have time, google NY Fashion week, you might be surprised!

I would like to thank Ian again for the photos, for makin me pogi as always, kahit man lang s pictures, hehehe! And please do watch out for my next post. I'll be posting photos of ma first stylista here, that i met earlier. Nope, am not trying to be Tommy Ton or Scott Schuman here, just wanted you guys to see stylish people round where i live, work and play.

sunnies - ray-ban, bomber jacket - thrifted, button down - tommy hilfiger, belt - mc jim
trousers - uniqlo, shoes - asisa, watch - nixon
photos - ian 
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