out of money experience

I always have this so called "out of money experience" especially when payday's just around the corner, I mean not that am not always "almost broke" the day after payday. You might think that i just spend my money on clothes, booze, travel and what not, well, almost, kinda, but am a good son, and a good brother, i also share.

I dunno, but am havin tough time savin money. I always find a reason to buy stuff, and am not just talking bout things to wear. Example, since i still got extra cash last week, i created this paper lamp shade. Of course i need materials to use, so i bought project paper, a bottle of glue and x-acto cutter, even though i already have a cutter at home, coz it ain't a cutter if it ain't x-acto. Supposed to buy the x-acto cutting pad but luckily rowie was there to be ma so called conscience so i did not. Also bought this ikea-inspired electrical stuff but it t'was in black so had to buy another one, in white. The list is long, i'd even buy underwear before if i fail to buy what i really want. Yep, a fuckin lunatic, a shop-a-holic lunatic.

Anyways, so last tuesday, my other part-time photographer, ian, asked me to accompany him to buy a jacket. So off we went to springfield, coz they got sick jackets you know. Ian didn't find what he wanted (not really sure if he wanted a jacket in the first place),  so we're supposed to head back to the office. But head back to the office we did not,  i found a jacket, i liked it, and rowie liked it as well (yup, sometimes, she's not a good conscience), and t'was on sale. Obviously i don't have enough money to buy it but the store crew was kind enough to put it on hold for me. Guess the ladies there are used to my begging and pleading, so instead of denying my request, they'll just say yes so i can shut the fuck up. Well, when i say i'll come back, i'll come back, already did it 3 times, mofo ain't a liar bitches. So yes, the jacket, dunno if it's a bomber jacket, that am wearing in the pictures is the jacket.   

As promised, i picked it up earlier today, coz it's pay day. The crew even asked me jokingly if i wanted to wear it right away. Told them no, but later, yes, for my outfit shots, hehehe! Bomber jackets, including this type of jacket, are kinda in right now. And the good thing is that you can actually wear them anytime and they never go out of style. You can wear it with jeans, chinos, t-shirts, button downs, it's a versatile piece. Plus, the upturned collar gives you that extra pow, angas factor so to speak. 

Hopefully, this is my last jacket purchase, i'll try not to get one for the next 6 months, but springfield is just a hop away, so help me god.

This is the paper lamp shade i created, yes, am talented, i know!

sunnies - ray-ban, jacket - springfield, button down - marks & spencer, belt - zara
trousers - lowry's farm, oxfords - hugo boss
photos - hoy sarah! 
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