shit look but in a nice way

It's friday y'all and it's almost the weekend, meaning we can rest once again and clear our congested minds with the shits that the weekdays shoved us. After 2 days, it's a whole new war once again, and then there's thursday, the red day, the love day, call it whatever you want coz you're a love sick puppy shit and you think you're better than me coz am single, still single. No, am not bitter, i just don't grasp the idea why uglier dudes get girls, i mean am metro you know, i think it's a plus, or maybe not, gay? heh! 

Let's just park that valentines shit for now and forget the fact that am single and desperately seeking susan. Let's talk about my rad pictures that ian took earlier, and let me tell you, he's good but fuckin bossy. He would ask me to pose in a crowded place like i'd sit in front of the window inside and he'll be outside, or sit/stand on top of a faux rock in the lagoon and people were already staring. Sometimes he doesn't want to stop shooting, fuckin eager beaver. You're embarrassin me man. I feel like a nut case you know. Kidding aside, i like his ideas, and am just chicken shit. This pose and shoot thing still gets me. Hope ian doesn't read this, he might start askin me for a fee next time.

Anyways, i wore a green jacket earlier to hide the lousy t-shirt and jeans combo that am wearing. It gave my look that needed kick, just enough to make it stylish but not trying hard. You still have that i just woke up and i don't give a shit look but in nice way. I found the jacket in a vintage/ukay store in baguio for under $5.  

sunnies - aldo, jacket - black chocoolate, vneck - f&h, belt - no brand
jeans - custom, boat shoes - no brand, watch - esprit
photos - ian
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