spread the love, legs are optional

So it's v day today but it's just another ordinary day for me, just thursday. Got no one to give flowers to, no chocolates, no cards, stuffed toy, no dinner, no out of town trips, no nothing. Been like this for a while now, i already forgot when's the last time i went loco for this day, and for someone. But hey, bein single is not that bad, i mean kinda. Ok, enough bout valentines day, it's makin me melodramatic, fuckin sissy.

Ma first featured stylista was a hit btw, thanks guys! I got another one comin, so please do watch out.

Photos posted were all shot by ian, again. We actually don't have any location in mind so we're just kinda walkin round eastwood and randomly selecting spots. First spot we found was used by yellow cab as parkin lot for their vespas. Then there's this spot near the tent's entrance, then the last one, in front of the pedestrian lane. Lots of people, i know, but we did it anyway, then the security guard came, asked us if we have permit to shoot. We're like "WTF! Since when?". Think manong guard just want to be in the photos as well. Ian got pissed so we call it a day.

Anyways,  i hope you all have a wonderful v day! Remember, spread the love, not just your legs. And oh, if you're interested in dating the mofo, of having a skinny and angry boyfriend, please send me a message. GIRLS ONLY! #desperado #oplanromansa2013

sunnies - ray-ban, hooded cardigans - gap, paisley button down - custom, belt - zara
denim - custom, brogues - sf, watch - nixon, bracelet - esprit
photos - ian 
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