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Am no legit blogger and stylist, and i don't claim to be a menswear expert so i rarely talk about what and what  not to fuckin wear. I guess am just one of those guys who kinda look good, just kinda, on what they're wearing just because everybody else sucks. But since ma blog is about style, apparently, i'll share ma unsolicited and moronic advice.

Let's start with the basics, and the safest. This is for all of you public who want to look stylish but is still afraid of being labeled as stylish, coz stylish is the equivalent of being homo, ask your cave friends.

T-shirt: Yes a simple, plain shirt. Get one in black or white, or get both. Coz both colors look good with almost everything. If you're bold enough and good with color coordination, then by all means, get other colors, try pastels.

Denim: We all have denims so it's a no-brainer, however, am not talking bout the acid-washed or treated type. Look for a solid, dark color, better yet try raw or selvedge.

Button down: Yes, we all filipinos call it long-sleeves. For starters, get white, navy and black.

Trousers: Call it slacks, pants, chinos, khakis, jeans, whatever. Now since I already mentioned denim, get  another pair of chinos or khakis. This is what you need for the preppy kinda look, kinda formal but not too  formal, casual but not too casual, figure it out guys, I know you get me. Forget about dress pants for the meantime, unless you're always attending weddings, funerals and what not.

Shoes: This is funny, coz before blogging, i don't actually own a pair of rubber shoes, not even sneakers, last time i had was in college, and only because of PE. For everyday wear, it's always leather shoes. So get yourself a pair of chucks or jacks, can't go wrong with these two. For leather shoes, try oxfords, loafers or brogues. And oh, if you can still afford another pair, get yourself a pair of boat shoes.
For all other accessories like belts, watch, sunglasses, etc., they're not really that important, i mean they're optional. But if you want to buy belts, start with the normal width, an inch would suffice. Make sure to match the color of your belt with your shoes, it's very important, don't be like me, i always get in trouble because of mismatched colors.

Let's move on to the fit, this is crucial, this will make or break your decision of transitioning to a stylish being, i made it sound so fuckin rad, like it's important. Forget the baggy or oversize fit, you're not in hi-school anymore, even hip-hop-ers already moved on, or am wrong. The trick of finding the right fit? Get the smallest size that you can fit in, that type of fit that will cut your oxygen supply to your brain, you’ll pass out, now hang on, am not done yet, get the next size bigger. To make it simpler, i'll be the example. I can still get into XXS however ma movement is very constricted, so i'll get XS. Get ma point? 

Since you already know what to get, don't forget yourself. Yes, you! Let's start with hygiene. Make sure you're always clean, take a bath everyday. Clip your nails, clean your ears, trim those excess and juvenile hairs, in your nose, eyebrows or mustache.

Lastly, your CONFIDENCE. Own it, act like you've been rad all your life, that you're a fuckin somebody, that you're god's gift to the world, that you're so fuckin good lookin, brad pitt would be too embarrassed to stand beside you, ok, am exaggerating. Remember, if you second guess yourself, everyone else will.   

Now, go shop, mix & match and summon the nick wooster in you!

All of the photos posted here are not mine, all came from Google :)

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