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After the long wait, i can now post pictures that's decent enough for my blog to be called blog. I mean it's irritating to look at images where you can't really see the details and shit, especially clothes. Thanks to my lil sis, she decided to finally buy a dslr. Freeloading y’all!

So earlier today, I took her camera with me to work for some test shots. I asked my ofcmate Ian during our lunch to be my photographer. We both have no idea how to fuckin adjust the settings so I just used one of the preset settings then adjust the aperture. Yeah, aperture shit, no idea really, I just google it, then typed “how to blur the background using…”. Am not sure if the photos looked ok but it’s better compared to my previous photos where I just used my phone, but then again, my standard is embarrassingly low so you tell me.

Anyways, I won’t be able to share photos from my recent Baguio trip yet. My fuckin card reader is busted. Till then, thanks for droppin by.   

sunnies - ray ban, knit shirt - pinnacle, belt - zara, trousers - custom, oxfords - hugo boss
bag - ck, watch - nixon, bracelet - esprit
photos - ian

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