you're either a pervert, gay or an annoying retard

Hey y'all! How's your weekend so far? Hope you all had a great time last thursday, celebrating the love day. As for me, we'll y'all know, t'was exciting, yeah, coz having no date and going home early was fucking  exciting.

Don't have plans of going out later. Am supposed to head out to clover later but ma head's still throbbing,  blame the unlimited flow of mojitos from tgi fridays last night courtesy of friends maui and reggie. Am cheap i know, but y'all know that already. T'was their last day yesterday in the office so we had a small sort of gathering, farewell shit.

I attempted to take photos of stylistas last night but i got frustrated with the camera, have no idea how to make the necessary adjustments so i just ditched it. Plus, style stalking is still relatively new here so people might act retarded or worst,hostile, at the thought of strangers taking photos of them. If your taking pictures of people you don't know, you'll end up being called a pervert or gay, no offense meant to LGBT. Pervert, if your taking pictures of girls, and gay, if your taking pictures of guys. Or the third option, assuming you want the label, a retard, just a retard taking photos of people, an annoying retard.

Photos above we're all shot by sarah last thursday, ian was not available coz he got a date, yes, adding insult to injury, i know, lucky bastard.

Photos below, courtesy of mofo. Terrible photos, am warning you, so don't complain.

sunnies - aldo, jacket - thrifted, v-neck shirt - zara, belt - zara, denim - custom, boots - kenneth cole
photos - sarah and mofo     
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