at least for now


i maybe wearing blue but ma true color is red, at least for now

venturing into that old familiar feeling is a bliss
but with bliss there's always dejection
it's not always the ever after ending that children would often hear
not what the romantics hope the outcome would be

and that's the delight of it, we love the chase
we're all born masochists, i mean not in a perverted kind of way
the more hurdles we face, the tougher it gets, the better
conquest and victory is sweeter, evocative, much more profound

enjoy it while it lasts that's what they say

so for now ma color is red, at least for now

sunnies - ray-ban, glasses - storm, coat - zara, button down - m&s
belt - zara, trousers - lowry's farm, desert boots - le saunda
photos - vince, hoy sarah!, me

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