bones anyone?

The heat is fuckin insane, it's unbearable! If we're only allowed to wear just boardshorts, i'd prolly go to work topless. Now that would be scary, scary for the people who'd see me, especially ma trainees, and scary for me, coz eastwood's full of dogs, they might think am a walkin food, they'll definitely gnaw me. Bones anyone?

So why the heck am i wearing a jacket? Well our office temperature is below zero, yep, atos is fuckin rich like that, i'd freeze right away. Mofo got zero percent fat you know in case y'all are blind. Also, i was too lazy earlier to iron shirts, i just picked something that doesn't need ironing. The jacket will make ma look more work appropriate, kinda.

By the way... i think am in love... but then again am always wrong.... and that's another story :)

sunnies - ray-ban, bomber jacket - springfield, polo shirt - bluestar, belt - no brand
trousers - uniqlo, loafers - h e
photos - hoy sarah!

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