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Last night was my sister's bday. Since i feel kinda awkward stayin, mingling with her friends, i decided to go out alone. Me, kev and neil, we're supposed to head out to this place frequented by koreans but it didn't pan out. So yeah, just me and stella artois for like 2 hours. Got fuckin bored, went back home, and yes, ended up mingling with noisy and rowdy bunch of kids.

Ma head is still aching but decided to make this post coz i've been MIA here for 2 weeks now, i guess. Kevin and my new trainee, angel, took these pictures. Yes it's inside coz am back to the graveyard shift, just for a week though, and got no time to shoot outside. Starting tomorrow until next week, ma new sched starts at 6:00 am, fuckin 6:00 am.  

Anyways, in the pictures, i wore a plain white tee and my only kicks. The sleeveless jacket, jerkin, no idea, came from a nearby thrift store. People actually call me ernie baron coz they think it looked like one of those vests worn mostly by reporters. But what the fuck, i like it.

That's all for now, hope y'all enjoy what's left of your weekend, coz fuckin monday's just around the corner. Fuckin 6:00 am.

sunnies - ray-ban, tshirt - topman, vest - thrifted
belt - ronald pineau, jeans - custom, kicks - nike
photos - kev & angel

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