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Greetings earthlings! Hope y'all are ok. Am kinda busy with work right now because of my new class but it's all good. I miss training and meeting new people. My new trainees are cool, i mean no weirdos, ass holes and all, so far. They're all outgoing, and talkative, just like me. I can confidently say that their batch will do well, they all seem to be paying attention to what i say, tech stuff, and what not, and by what not i meant my blog. New class, new victims, more blog hits, yeah! So let's see, hope they'll be like this until they hit production.

Anyways,  wore this shirt again yesterday. This is the same shirt i wore during our xmas party but you can't really see the details in the past photos so it deserves a second showing. I also didn't like the dark trousers i wore then so this is sort of "corrective action" or "take two" shit.

That's all for now. Y'all have a great thursday and friday!

sunnies - ray-ban, button down - paul smith, belt - unknown, trousers - uniqlo, shoes - asisa
photos - hoy sarah!
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