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It’s Monday but am staying home to rest and sleep. Not that BDM Ultra-Marathon was tiring but I didn't get enough sleep. I have a new training class starting today so I asked another trainer, Ronnie, to take over for the meantime.

For today’s entry, I’ll just post photos of what I wore during the 2 day run. Nope, I didn’t run, I was just part of the support crew for ma friends, the running sweethearts, wesley and mish. God forbid, I’d fuckin pass out just after 50 meters of runnin.

Y’all know, probably, by now that am not a sporty person, I mean look at my built. Not that am lazy and hated it but I just don’t have the time as well, bullshit excuses, I know. I guess it’s the reason why I tend to shy away from sporty clothes and stuff. I always feel that I don’t look good wearing rubber shoes, shorts, or any sports attire. Sure I don’t mind wearing board shorts, it’s different, I love the beach and what else am I goin to wear, definitely not speedos, and not that I aspired to, am mother fuckin sure you guys won’t like it, you might even sue me for ruinin  your computers coz you vomited on it after seein the photos. That definitely will be the end of ma blogging career that hasn’t even started yet.

Originally, I planned to wear jeans but I figured out it’d be hot and humid so decided to ditched it. I remember the billabong shorts that maui gave me, then paired it with polo shirts (green and pink). I brought another spare just in case I needed to change.  Luckily ma sister got this cheap hoody she bought somewhere so I borrowed it.

Hope y’all like how my outfits turned out. I’ll be blogging bout the ultra-marathon hopefully tomorrow. My other sister’s camera decided to act retarded, I failed to take pictures of the entire event, so i’ll just wait for kit’s photos to be posted in facebook then grab 'em. Til then, y’all have a great day! Thanks for visitin! Bless bless!

sunnies - ray-ban, hoody - no brand, polo shirts - f&h, belt - s&k
shorts - billabong, shoes - jack purcell,watch - nixon, bracelet - klasse murae
photos - kit 

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