walkin rainbow sailor

Summer's finally here! It's fuckin hot, scorching hot, but at least we got reasons to head out to the beach and barbeque ourselves under the tuscan, i mean, tropic sun, to get the elusive and life altering tan. Life altering coz if you overdo it, you'll end up lookin like sebastian after gordon ramsey dipped him in a pot of boilin water. Yes people, you people with porcelain, alabaster, onion skin, might think that tanning is just applicable to you, but no, we brown monkeys still want to amplify our jersey shore-ness giving snooki a run for her money.

Besides snooki, i mean tanning, what else comes to mind when we talk about summer?! Colors! Yes, so for this entry, i officially, dreadfully and frighteningly, welcome summer, wearing ma most colorful ensemble to date. Am color blind you know what do you expect. Nope, they ain't new, already worn them on several occasions, but it's the fist time i paired the two. I know that patterns are in this season, especially naughty-cal stripes and big, retardedly-coloured cheques. So if you don't mind lookin like a walkin rainbow sailor, by all means, wear colors, unless you're a fuckin pussy.

And just so you know, i fuckin love snooki. She's ma fuckin charbroiled bunny, and i mean it in a fuckin good way.

sunnies - ray-ban, button down & trousers - custom, belt - zara, desert boots - le saunda
photos - tox "done in less than 2 minutes" villamin
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