am assuming & y'all know it

This post's been sitting on ma draft list for almost 2 weeks now. I just uploaded the photos but didn't really have the time to finish and post it. Ever since i went back to the night shift, i always feel sleepy and sluggish. I guess ma body just missed the normal sched, that sched when normal being works when the sun is up, and retire when the vampires are out, other "sucker" kind included.

You might say it's old age. Yes coz am old, way too old for the average blogger nowadays, way too old chasing young, pretty, silly girls, but not really, i look young, according to me, yes to me, so fuck numbers! Might be tired of menswear? I doubt, i mean if there's one thing in my life that am consistent, that would be ma style, proof, the question "where's the flood bruh?" i get everyday, should suffice. That and being late.   

So why oh why! That i don't know. I'll just assume that you miss me so i'll have another reason to post an entry, coz am assuming like that. That you miss my adobe enhanced photos, yes, you read it right, that's the secret to looking "almost good looking", not really, it's called picmonkey dummy! That you miss my acerbic wit. Acerbic coz of the bad writing, too bad it turned sour and not because of cleverness and nastiness, well nasty, yes.

Anyways, am so fuckin sleepy y'all. I just like to thank all of you who greeted me on ma birthday. For those who forgot, am sure y'all have lame excuse/s, so fuck you! Kidding! I mean, i don't really give a shit. Kidding again! 

I'll post photos soon. Again, am just assuming y'all eager to see them. Thanks again for droppin by! Bless bless!

sunnies - ray-ban, button down - tommy hilfiger, belt - no brand, chinos - ermenegildo zegna
watch - esprit, loafers - h e
photos - ron the magician          

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