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Just wanted to share these photos that my ofcmate ron took the other day. Good thing that he brought his camera, with 80mm lens of course, i open-heartedly ditched my sister's canon. As usual, it just took us less than 5 minutes to finish. No concept, whatsoever, just point and shoot.

Since it's summer, i wore ma linen pants to work. I know it'd be more appropriate on the beach or somethin but what the heck. If it's only possible to wear strappy leather sandals in the office i would, but there's such thing called rules so i just wore my brown jack purcell instead.

Wore the muji cardigan again that maui gave me just to keep me warm while am inside the office but not make me sweat like pig when am outside. The temperature here is fuckin over the top, even midnight feels like day time, it's so fuckin hot.

Just a word of advice when wearin linen pants. Please avoid wearing black footwear if the linen is either brown or white as it'll break the line. Brown loafers, driving shoes of sort and sandals are more appropriate. For the top, you can wear almost anything, a tank top, button down, color, print, it doesn't matter. If you don't believe me, fuckin google it yourself.

That's all for now. Thanks again y'all for droppin by.

sunnies - ray-ban, cardigan - muji, t-shirt - topman, belt - no brand,
linen pants - h&m, shoes - jack purcell
photos - ron torres
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