scared, itching & hiding

So finally, my trainee, angel, took these photos after i threatened her of not makin it to production. She got scared obviously so she obliged. Call me asshole, i don't give a shit! :)

The MUJI black cardigan am wearing came from my bff maui. It's her gift to me for my birthday. When i told her that i want it instead of a 50mm lens, she agreed right away. Like me, she's also always itchin to shop, so the next morning, she bought it. Yeah, she's rich like that. 

And speakin of rich and generous friends. I've yet to hear from wesley. He seems to be MIA, on purpose, and am just assuming, and you can always disagree bro, you know that, after he read my and maui's tweets talkin bout their supposed birthday gifts. There's no escaping me you know! I mean just leave runnin, i won't definitely catch you. hehehe!

So come saturday, next week, am expecting a zara paper bag with a breton stripe long-sleeved shirt inside, size small of course, no more, no less. That's all!

sunnies - ray-ban, cardigan - muji, button down - gap, belt - no brand, trousers - uniqlo, 
watch - esprit, loafers - h e, laptop bag - dunhill
photos - angel ake angelbird humperdick 

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