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Absence makes the heart grow fuckin fonder, that's what they say. So in order to prove that this saying is true, i, mofo, abstained my self from posting a new entry. The result, well, no one seems to miss me, no one seems to care, it's like you bitches have your own "let's see how long this skinny, narcissistic, asshole can stay out of the blogosphere" game as well. No one even left a message to ask me if am still alive. I really appreciate the cold shoulder treatment fuckers, thank you very much! Well y'all win! Happy now?

Just messin with y'all! :) Work's kinda hectic actually, and add the fact that my trainees don't want to partake in my silly quest to rule the world. Yes angel, am talkin bout you! Newsflash, you'll never reach production! Am harsh, i know!

Pictures above were all taken by the bff/editor/auhndrei's mom, maui, at their crib. She was adamant actually coz she's not used to using dslr. My sister's nikon camera made it worst, the lens went retarded to the nth level. Can't seem to focus and no matter how hard i try to adjust the settings, it did not work. Maui just wanted to use her iphone instead. The result, well you tell me!

Anyways, ma birthday's comin, next week. Got no plans yet. Boracay's out, and no party as well. Guess i'll just have a me-time then, unless babe aka skater girl, AHEM, pity me. I promise, you'll have all the rice thailand can offer! What do you think? :P

glasses - storm, button down - h&m, belt - zara, corduroys - uniqlo, oxfords - hugo boss
photos - maui

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