stagnant & recycling

My plan to make you guys miss me did not work. No one even bothered to leave me a message, not one, even one. You guys are really assholes! I thought that if i stop posting photos of my stylish, handsome self, somehow you'd miss me, that you'd ask yourselves why the talented and good looking mofo have gone MIA.

So what's up ketchup? Am fine actually, except for self-inflected "injury" i brought upon myself, but that's another story. Haven't gone on vacation yet, and looks like ma trip to the island of Mindoro for some serious partying, drinking and sun-worshiping this weekend will be scrapped too. And work, oh work! Work's kinda mad, got to finish a lot of decks for a new project and am far from finishing. And boss, yes neila, you, if you're reading this, am not complaining, just so you know, lol!

Ma life's starting to bore me, not that it is not boring in the first place. I feel like if i'll submit ma self to torture of watchin latest episodes of ma so called life, i'd definitely doze off.  I really need some action, and by action that means all kind of actions, that other action's included as well. Pronto! Por Favor!

In the meantime, i'll let you admire, or ridicule, if that's what you prefer, cause y'all are assholes, photos of ma pic-monkeyed self, photographed by mr. torres. And please forgive me for the recycled clothes and seemingly stagnant styling. Gracias!

sunnies - aldo, polo shirt - f&h, cardigan - muji, trousers - uniqlo
boat shoes - no brand, bag - marc ecko
photos - ron "the illusionist" torres 
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