a state of mind

So what makes a person good looking or beautiful? Is it the person's physical characteristics or attributes? The cheek bones, the eyes, the forehead? Is it the inner beauty? That thing they're saying that if you're kind-hearted it will manifest physically. Is it the person's sunny disposition and personality, coz being happy is attractive?

Sometimes we see a couple and we can't help but ask why the fuck did this pretty girl go out with this horrible looking orc, or why this guy's around with this witch? On pretty girl/ugly guy, maybe the guy's rich, a tripod, the girl is just visually impaired or she's a hooker. On pretty guy/ugly girl, maybe the girl is rich, she's into spells, guy's a gigolo or his taste is just bad. Take your pick, the possibilities are endless, the meaner you are, the more fucked up the scenarios you'd come up with.

Our parents will tell us that we're beautiful or good-looking, coz that's what parents do, they lie, it pains them to tell their children the truth, coz it's their fault, children inherit their parents' looks. They’re called genes. Hello!

Our friends, well, their judgment, they’re clouded. And you don't want to tell your friends they're ugly coz they might tell you you're ugly as well. So let's just fool each other.

Strangers, depending on the situation, and perhaps what their mood is, you'd either get a compliment, or belittling, in your face.

And then we have the villains, fault finders, the president/s of our hate club, the haters. That no matter how you look, say or do, they'd always find something bad about you. Coz that's their role, to piss us, to make us miserable and if you're sissy bout it, you'd cry.

I personally, i've been called pretty boy, gwapo, good looking, too-good-looking-to- be-straight, i know, don't be surprised assholes and am not done yet. Been called ugly, pangit, skeleton, matchstick, pimple head, ugly teeth, as well, and the list goes on, i swear i wanna kill those losers. Nah!

So what to believe? Should i listen to what other people say or their opinion of me? Who to believe? Your parents? Friends? Strangers? Haters?

Everyone of us will have our own standard of what beauty is, it's always a constant debate. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed. But at the end of the day, there's one opinion that should only matter, it's your opinion. If you think you're ugly, then definitely you'd feel ugly. It's a state of mind, i think. I you don't believe me, fuck off!

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