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Am havin second thoughts if i should show y'all these photos. Nope, it's not because I realized that I should stop torturing you guys with my digitally enhanced self and end this non-sense dream of becoming a legit #menswear blogger. It's not that, am serious bout this shit you know, i don't care, so bear with me.

So what's it all about? It's actually what am wearing. Am not too crazy of how it looked in the photos. Don't get me wrong, as thick-skinned as I am, I still doubt my styling skills. Maybe am just used to wearing the "normal stuff" and lookin normal that i would sometimes ask myself if my ensemble looks weird. Of course am used to hearing comments that i looked weird or stylish, coz being stylish and weird apparently are the same.

I intended to do a "preppy sailor" look since it's still summer. so I wore my striped shirt again and paired it with my kinda formal trousers, the result, well you tell me. I kind looked like those men somewhere in France or Europe, in black and white photos aka old. I should really stick with my slim trousers and denim.

Anyhow, am shameless anyway so i'll show the photos to y’all. Tell me what you think?

By the way, today's mother's day, so happy mother's day to all of the moms out there, especially to my mom and ma grandma. Hope y'all have a good one.

sunnies - ray ban, striped shirt - chocoolate, trousers - il faro, man purse - coach, loafers - h e 
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