rain rain don't go away

So rain finally came, early. A much needed drench since manila feels like an inferno these past months. It's such a shame that i haven't gone to the beach yet but it's better compared to bein in a sauna every day. After taking a shower, you’re already sweating the moment you leave the bathroom, and yes, you wanted to take a shower again. Whoever said that global warming is just a myth, go fuck yourselves!

Rain  constitutes irrational thinking, of wearing “winter” clothes that’s been tucked away somewhere because of the desert like weather. So with no hesitation, I wore my knit cardigan, but just to be on the safe side, I wore a cotton, v neck, long-sleeved shirt under, in case the weather decides to change its mind, I won’t end up lookin like a fool. I wanted to sing rain rain go away but our country needs it right now, just like the fact that we need able and competent leaders to run our country. Ok, let’s just leave politics.

About work, in case you’d ask, or not, but I’ll share it anyway, am almost done with my iPad decks, just needed some polishing and I already feel like am already an expert even though I don’t own one, which is kinda surprising knowing how limited the information my pea size brain could process.

I got good news for y’all btw, actually it’s more for me, I’ll be collaborating with one of the biggest local shoe manufacturer here in our country, after so much begging and social climbing, I’d be blogging and showing off their wares. Kinda excited but am worried that I’d fuck it. I wanted to do good so am doing some research and some preparations, story/mood board, concept, locations, the whole nine yards, but who knows, you know me, I always screw things up. I am open for suggestions, so feel free to spill ‘em. Mofo needs all the help he could get.

Anyways, hope y’all are doing good. Thanks for visitin my site. Bless bless!    

cardigan – zara, vneck shirt – zara, belt – s&k, denim – custom, loafers – h e
photos - ron torres 

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