skinny genes

Blogging helped me a lot as far as #menswear game is concern. Nope am not saying am good, coz am humble like that, but lookin at my old photos, I can confidently say that I’ve tremendously improved. Gone are the days that I just know 3 colors and I only obsessed about boots, now, I obsess almost about everything the internet, stores, the happy place and what not cld offer.

Blogging also taught me to be more confident. It helped me not to obsess too much of how I look and what the people around me would say. I am really standing by what my blog’s battle cry now, yeah, am trying to make it sound like it really matters  so am using big words, MY SHIT NOT YOURS. And like what I always wanted to spread here, we should be confident of who we are and not give a shit about what other peoples’ opinion of you. Of course not to the point of rejecting valid suggestions or opinions from people who also know the shits they are talking about. Coz our world contains a lot of fuckin losers, who are clueless but are not afraid of giving their piece of unsolicited advice. Yes, am talkin bout those people who really realy, fuckin really really needs help but they think they’re better than you they wanted to help you. I think it’s called selective listening.

Ok, enough of the long, bull shit intro. I just really wanted to tell you that I have skinny legs, as if it’s not obvious, I know. That wearing shorts always makes me feel uncomfortable. Yes dear readers, I am not comfortable. You might tell me “you’re not even shy being half naked and yet you’re shy about your skinny legs? Are you crazy?”. You didn’t know? Come on! Well, it’s fuckin obvious that the only option you have when you’re on the beach and swimming are shorts. I will never go back, never again, to those days that I’d wear jeans even while swimming in the pool coz am fuckin insecure. Fuckin retarded and hilarious.

Beach and shorts, am fine, but office/somewhere else and shorts and a lot of people not wearing shorts, scary. But it’s summer and our office decided to let us wear shorts and flip flops for the entire month of May. As if it’s not casual enough for majority of the people here, this merit employees to extend their drabness from their home to the office. Majority of them really looked like they just rolled out of their beds. Socks and flip flops? What’s up with that?

Ok let’s go back to my skinny legs. Well, it’s kinda fun, that includes laughing at people being mean kinda fun, to wear shorts, so why not?!? Yes, I did partake, twice already. Me and kev will schedule a day where we would wear shorts. And since we’re stylish individuals, according to us, don’t complain, this is my blog, we’re not contented lookin like homeless people, or yes, coz am generous, like a beach bum, if that’s what you prefer, we went further. Just enough to elevate us to the homeless but stylish status, if there’s such thing. I know I am not making any sense. Second language really sucks.

So there you go, photos above, of me, wearin shorts, showin my skinny legs.

sunnies – ray ban, button down – h&m, belt – s&k, shorts – regatta, boat shoes – no brand
photos – ron, using my lousy camera 
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