they did not buy it

I know, I know! You might say "he's wearing shorts again, there goes the hideous skinny legs". Just bear with me. It's still summer guys. After this, and perhaps after my surigao escapade, you won't see me donning shorts again, unless I have a trip somewhere where there's a beach, which is kinda the reason why am on a trip, to go to the beach! At that time, you'll probably hate me more coz am not just showin my legs. It would be shots of me topless, showin you my version of "the situation", except it's an emaciated version, heh! Am bringing sexy back, bitch! As if ma facebook albums are not enough, am plaguing ma blog of nightmare before christmas as well.

BU5 btw is on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at the SMX Convention, the Mall of Asia. If you're free and wanted to meet our country's top bloggers, please do visit. They'll be selling their pre-loved stuff and what not. If you'd ask if am gonna be there, yes, but am not selling anything, and am not part of it. Am no legit blogger in case you don't know. Am just a guy who loves himself too much, he created a blog to glorify it.

Am not sure who's comin as far as the Cebu bloggers are concern. Ma friend banisa of onefrozenmargarita, is bein cryptic aka playing mute, and I haven't heard any demands of creating an itinerary this weekend from her so I assume she won't be here, yeah, used the word demand coz she's demanding, she's aware don't worry.

Anyways, ma litol sister took those pictures, in front of our neighbor's closed store. My talented, yes "my", photographer ron was on leave, so when I went home, i asked my sister to be the proxy. Funny coz there's this construction site on the right side, across the street and the workers were kinda curios to what we're doing. I just shouted "we're not crazy, am a blogger, go back to work", heh! Yep, you're right, they didn't buy it! Assholes!

sunnies - cotton on, chambray - pierre cardin, belt - no brand, shorts - h&m, loafers - h e
photos - kathy d litol sister
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