coz it's raining, am preachin

Since it's already raining and you might need help with your rain gear, i thought i am going to post some suggestions instead of an entry of my usual corny writing and my ugly mug.

I know summer just came for you guys living on the other side of the world, but here, in my country, it's already the start of the rainy season. Don't worry though, since Philippines is a tropical country, and the weather's kinda retarded, rest assured that the clothing i'll be suggesting will be useful for you guys as well, i mean, we have eternal summer here anyways. 

Just because it's raining doesn't mean the temperature is really dropping (kinda, inside the office, heh). It still gets hot, so just to be on the safe side, what you need are versatile clothing, something that will give you warmth when the rain is pouring but won't make you sweat like pigs in case the weather change it's mind.   

Sweater, cardigan, knits, jackets

Light is better. Use them as layering pieces or as is (except the cardigan). Pair them with either tshirt, polo, dress or button down shirts, etc. You can also wear a jacket over it, the possibilities are endless. And when the sun decided to show up again and the heat's unbearable, take it off.

Pants, denim, chinos

Since it's already raining, it's better to wear something that's darker, it's safer and you don't have to worry keepin them clean. Unless you're a retard like me (remember the last entry?). Colored chinos? I don't think you should retire them yet, again, as long as the hues are darker they'll be fine. For the jeans, darker wash is still better, i mean not that stone washed were acceptable, and please no fake whiskers.


Wear boots! I know, i know, you might say "here we go again". But really, this is the best time for you to wear boots. If you're not open though to this suggestion, just wear a pair that doesn't absorb water easily. Avoid materials like canvas,  suede, and the likes.


Now this, i don't bring, and i don't have. Am not sure, although i like umbrellas but i can live without it. But just in case you want one, get one in black or navy, coz it's stylish, and manly, however, if you want color, just keep it simple and don't go crazy.

The pictures above are just for visuals, so you'll have an idea what am talkin about, assuming i have more knowledge, coz am assuming, but y'all know it already. So they're just pictures, am not promoting any brands, they're just inspirations (but seriously, check out Springfield for the jackets and ask for their sale dates, hehe). Am not suggesting for you guys to buy everything either, make use of what you already have and buy those items that you don't have. And remember, the fit is very important. So if you have something hidin in your closet that might be big but are still usable, see your nearest tailor and have em altered.

One more thing, if you're craving for boots but don't have the money to burn, check your friendly neighborhood thrift shops. You'll be surprised! 

all pictures came from the internet, via google

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