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So I came across this famous blogger's website from the US named Edward. I actually searched for his site after seeing his pictures so many times in tumblr. This kid, yes you read it right, he's just a kid, is very stylish. He got style way beyond his age. I've seen his ensembles before, they're quite ordinary actually but the way he carried them, making it his own, that sets him apart. He's just 18 and it kinda surprised me of how good he really is, he'll make most of the bloggers looked like a novice. I though he's already in his late 20's, he’s an old soul.

I don't usually follow blogs coz I don't want my style to be influenced by other people and most of the time I get easily bored as well. It's either the writer's too stuck up, vapid or just a lousy/weird dresser and writer altogether. When I started blogging, I didn't have any inkling where ma blog is going, what am I going to write aside from posting ma ugly mug. Am retarded about clothes and shoes but a year ago, I didn't really give a shit and have no idea that this revolution called menswear really exists. I don't use google to find clothes, I used it for something else.

Being a newbie, it's always important to kinda do a research, so you have an idea of what you're getting into. Found a lot of sites and majority of them bored me. And the main reason was not really bout the clothes(partly) or the blogger but it was more about the writing. Those sites that I always check got one common denominator, all of them are assholes. Kidding, they're actually sarcastic and funny, they got acerbic wit.

Now, it's not really that I will play copycat just for the sake of entertainment or furthering ma blog, but that's me actually. At first I was afraid of cussing and sounding negative and offensive coz people may not get those kinds of humor but eventually I had to live by it, it's my blog anyway. I am going to write what I want to write, as long as am not offending people, and that's what I want my blog to have, a kick ass writing, leave the grammar part ok, that when you read it, you'd smile and laugh and consider visiting it again (try Four-Pins, they're d best). As sissy #menswear and style sounds, again, that’s what douches and the dumb say, I want my blog to be more relatable, easy to digest and less intrusive to the members of the Croods family. I am still struggling with my writing, but when I get feedback that they like the pictures and the sarcastic jokes, that makes it worthwhile, I wanted to be better, and post some more.

So going back to Edward, this kid is not just about clothes. Kid is witty and funny, and yes in an asshole kind of way. He also reminds me of my self, he had to work in order to provide for himself, he doesn't rely on his parents to buy him things, he works his ass off. He recycles his clothes, he saves money. He got camera skills. How's that for an 18 yr old? And then there's the hair. His site is actually called Edward's hair and I think is appropriate coz when you see his pictures, one thing that you'd notice first is his hair, it's fuckin rad. You know how obsess I am with my hair, how i'd starve myself just to get a haircut from a good stylist and salon. Ok, too much of a story telling, and he's not paying me anyway, just go visit his site. You'll like this kid I promise, ma friends already liked him.

Anyways, ma ofcmate/friend/photographer Ron Torres will be having his first one man exhibit. Hope you guys, yes you ofcmates, would be able to help him in any way you can. Unfortunately he doesn't have a site yet so you won't be able to see his other work, so don't brush him off right away, he's good. My pictures are the result of a less than 10 min photo session and with no planning, whatsoever, so don’t base your judgment there. To know more about his up and coming exhibit, please email or ask him, or me, which ever you prefer. 

sunnies - ray ban, cardigan - muji, button down - bill blass, belt - zara, trousers - 5 cm, boots - cour carre
photos - ron torres        
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