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As promised, here are the photos i took from last night's event. T'was a successful event for the four artists, the venue was full and everyone seemed to be having fun. 

Although ron's printouts of his work got messed up (wrong size, etc), thus failing to show his supposed line up, the pictures on display were enough to tell us that this guy is special. I personally liked the naked yoga instructor from Zimbabwe and ma officemate's (jem) preggie portrait.

The other artist also showcased photos, aptly called love, t'was a collection of family photos in black and white. The 3rd artist, showed her talent thru her paintings, t'was called kulay, which means color. The last artist showed his artistry with the use of paper and graphics.

T'was a fun night but my fucking retarded boots was killing me. For whatever reason it gave me blisters the size of texas, again. I dunno if t'was the wrong socks, maybe i just really have to ditch them.

@Ms Shiela Paul - T'was nice seein you again!

@Ron - More beautiful photos! Keep it up man and please, for the love of good, when wearing a blazer, you either have to unbutton both buttons or the last one. Clear? But nevertheless, you looked "almost" dapper, yeah just almost, don't push it, bruh. Thanks to me! :P 

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