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I went to BU5 yesterday to show support to the local bloggers here the philippines. Style blogs are flourishing here nowadays, am not sure if it's just now or it's just me who started late, but based on the topblogs site alone, i think there are over a thousand or so style blogs. A lot of people, and even kids, have blogs nowadays, i just wish more guys will follow, i mean not necessarily the blogging part but the amping up their steez game part. I think it's about time.

I was a bit drunk actually when i went there, i had like 6 or 7 bottles of beer, am not sure. Had to stop by our chill spot one last time before they close. It's kinda sad, known the place and the people, especially ate lot, for 7 years now, and because of the sky rocket rent, they can't continue operating anymore. Hope they can find a place, somewhere near, so we can still go and hang out. It's where i would often bring ma new trainees to bring the batch closer, for them to bond, i mean it's always nice to know people when you're starting again, transitioning would be less stressful, you'd feel accepted right away, somehow it's like home again, like family.

So yeah, i was a bit drunk yesterday. I was alone, ma friend vanessa from cebu failed to come. So when i got there i was just circlin around, lookin. Saw familiar faces, exchanged hi's and hello's, took their photos, took photos of random people and what not and went home. There was this random girl that i asked to take photos of me, luckily she was very friendly and she obliged. The line was actually crazy when i arrived. One line was dedicated to the shoppers and there's this registration table for those who are on the guest list. Vanessa put me on the guest list but since am an arrogant mofo, i just went in and did not register. So you see how bein stylish can save you from the hassle of lining up? Coz lining up are for ordinary, drab lookin people you know. Not really, am just an asshole and pretentious.

Anyways, congratulation to the organizers, t'was a very successful event! And vanessa, everybody said hi!

sunnies - ray ban, long sleeves - zara, vneck shirt - f&h, cropped trouser - uniglo, loafers - h e
photos - mofo and that pretty girl whose name i can't remember         

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