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Hey guys! How are you? For those livin on the other side of the planet, hope y'all are enjoying the summer. Here in ma country, the weather's kinda like Katy Perry's song, "you're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no". Just like girls, it can't seem to decide what it wants to do, guess that's the reason why typhoons are named after the ladies, heh! Am just kiddin!

As usual, am sharing photos of my ugly self, wearin a sweater vest.  Call it tank top, sleeveless jumper or former US Senator Rick Santorum's weapon of choice. Been trying to find one since time immemorial but failed. Most of the time if they weren't big, they're too short, I just can't seem to find the right fit. Used to own one when I was a in high school but I dunno where it is now.

Sweater vest is kinda tricky to pull off, at least according to the fashionistas. A lot of them are divided as far as the style-o-meter is concern. Some may find it a no no, for some it's a stylish piece of clothing that deserves a place in every people's wardrobe. As for me, I think as long as you don't wear it with a t-shirt and the fit's good, it's fine. If you like patterns, keep it minimal. The color, well I wanted to be safe so I picked navy, but it's up to you, just make sure it goes well with your shirt/s, and by that I meant don’t ask me for color advise coz am fuckin color blind. If you live in a tropical country like me, pick something that is light, leave the heavy and chunky knits to our inuit relatives.

Anyways, thanks again for visitin ma lowly blog. Mofo loves y'all! Bless bless!

sweater vest – polo, button down – tommy hilfiger, belt – no brand, jeans – custom, brouge – officine creative

photos - sarah  
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