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Finding the perfect denim jacket that fits is like finding a girlfriend, hard, perilous and heart breaking, at least for me. It's a known fact that i've been loveless for like forever, and it's kinda frustrating. That's how I also feel about finding a denim jacket. They're everywhere, all pretty and shiny, but they don't fit. When you see  a potential candidate, you'd feel excited, but once you try them on, it doesn't feel right, something's missing, and am just pertaining to the jacket, ok?   

People always say that am lucky, that am skinny, I can wear whatever I want to wear. Boy oh boy they're wrong. Of course I'd fit in anything coz am a stick but look good in them, that's a different story. Yes am glad I have a tailor that alters my clothes but there are some things that he can't really change, or adjust, the result would be awful, trust me, been there, done that!

So yep, the jacket am wearing is the jacket. It looked as if they're bespoke, custom made just for me. I like that it's raw and selvedge, just the right color.

Just want to share stuff about wearing a denim jacket before you go fuckin retarted like me. Make sure that if you're wearing denim on denim, avoid the same color, meaning if the jacket is light, the jean should be dark, or vice versa. Denim jacket looks better when paired with chinos, corduroy, just like what I did. You can also wear it over a tie and shirt, sweater, t-shirt, etc.

Am planning to wear it again this friday, on Ron's photo exhibit, but I'll dress it up a bit, so hopefully I'll have decent shots to share on my next post.

Anyways, speaking of Ron's photo exhibit, here's the invite/poster. If y'all are available, feel free to crash the party, hehe! Here's the link for his tumblr account btw. 

PS. don't mind my blog's logo there, he just made it up, he's cuckoo you know!

sunnies – ray ban, denim jacket – rcb, tshirt – topman, corduroy – uniqlo, boots – kenneth cole
photos – ron torres 
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