your guess is as good as cash

Forget about no white after labor day rule coz it sounds silly. No white when it's rainin, now that's serious shit. Remember during ma friend's birthday when I wore a pair of white jeans? T'was exhausting trying to keep em clean, from the drunkards, from ma drunk self and from the bad weather. But i never learn. Yesterday, t'was raining pretty hard but still i decided to wear these pair of grey jeans, almost white to me coz am color blind in case y'all got amnesia, to work.

The moment i stepped out of the house i was walkin like i just had circumcision, yeah coz it's painful to havin your, you know, your, ahm, your, ok, kids don't read, your dick get in contact with what ever you're wearing. Funny especially when you're the one watching, you'll probably say "look at that fuckin moron wearing those jeans when it's rainin hard". So why wear em? Well, i already asked ron to bring his camera for the shoot so there's no turning back, besides, since when did the weather start dictating what i should wear (remember our conversation banisa?). Ma mind's made up, period!

Anyways, i managed to reach the office with a clean pair of jeans. Congratulations! But i think ma feet hurts from tip-toeing and for walkin like i got balls the size of texas.

BTW, do you want to know if they're still grey after takin em off? Your guess is as good as cash. Yeah, what a dumb ass! SMH

sweater - esprit, shirt - topman, belt - zara, grey jeans - uniqlo, kicks - nike
photos - ron from peru    
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