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Am on ma way to Surigao tomorrow to visit ma hometown Tagana-an. It’s the time of the year that I usually go there to visit my folks, sometimes, if they don’t want to fly to Manila, me and ma siblings would go there for the holidays instead. Though I grew up and call Manila my home, it’s still different when am there. It’s my birth place after all, it’s ma true home.

Though devoid of technology, big malls, starbucks, and the hustle and bustle Manila could offer, not to mention stylish peeps, my hometown boasts countless beautiful beaches any beach bum like me could hope for. It’s actually the first time, for the last four years, that am goin there without ma friends, normally they’d go with me to get a fix of sun, sea, surf and sand. They got tired I guess, maybe next year.

On july 15 and 16, Tagana-anons will celebrate its annual town fiesta. It’s really nothing compared to Cebu’s Sinulog, or other Philippine major fiesta celebrations, but nonetheless am always excited to be there.

So before I go MIA on you guys for the next two weeks, I’ll just share photos of me that Ron took earlier. Am wearin an argyle sweater on top a check shirt. What I love about it is that the pattern’s colors are subtle, it kindly blends with the entire shirt. The sweater doesn’t look dated. I just paired it with ma black jeans and black shoes to keep the look simple.

Anyways, hopefully I’d be able to snap a lot of photos to share to y’all, but then again, I always get drunk when am there, so whatever.

sweater – cedarwood, shirt – harmon, jeans – uniqlo, derby – brass
photos - ron

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