dear crush

I kinda like this girl for 2 years now but sad to say she just ignores me. She doesn't reply to my texts, my fb pm's and what not. Most people would say, and even myself, to fuckin move on already but hey, am stubborn and i really like her. And since am crazy, and i have this blog that you my dear readers lovingly, and am just assuming, read, i thought, why not create an entry for her, kinda like an open letter, and jot down things that she should know about me.

So without further ado, here are the things that you should know about me. Hope this list will change your mind.

Good looking
You're a pretty girl (everybody knows that), am a pretty boy (ma mom told me), we'll make a pretty pair, not to mention, pretty babies.

Who doesn't want a stylish boyfriend? I swear if you say yes, I'll style you everyday, any occasion, free of charge.

Am not sure bout this one, but this is my blog so I'd say am sexy. I mean i got washboard abs, that's sexy right?

Now this one, am very, very, very sure. If all the reasons here are just hearsay, or someone and somebody told me cause their judgments are either clouded (yes ma friends) or they just don't want to offend me, this one is for real, bein skinny is ma trademark. And why it's a good thing, coz you can raid my closet and definitely wear what i have, hell, i'll even let you wear my boxer briefs.

Definitely, and i don't even try. Just look at my photos laughing and/or smiling, hell you'll die laughing, instantly!

I know how to cook, to iron clothes, do the laundry, clean the house. What else do you want? A boyfriend/husband and a house help rolled into one.

Financially stable
I got a job, but stable, i dunno. What i can promise you though is that if you'll say yes, i'll never, ever, goin to buy clothes again. But then again, i'll lose that "stylish" factor, so let's just talk bout it when we get there, let's negotiate/compromise, ok?

I got 237 twitter and 185 instagram followers, 899 facebook friends, 3,000+ blog readers. How's that for being nice?

I know how to count, but not backwards. I am multilingual, i know how to speak  Filipino, Cebuano, Surigaonon and English. Supposed to say i know spanish but all i can say is "No hablo espanol!" so it doesn't count.  Though ma english grammar's bad, i can get away with the accent. Hello BPO!

Am a frustrated architect, i love to draw boxes, i mean houses. Just look at our house in our hometown, i designed it.

We have this band in the office and am the vocalist. Our office will let us play if we have a program/event. I also get invites to sing, like when a friend or officemate will celebrate their birthdays, their nieces' birthdays, weddings, drinking sessions, etc. I also sing in pubs/bars, and by that i meant my friends would request the band to let me sing with them, their way of saying “you really want to humiliate yourself, so be it”. That's somethin right? 

This doesn't make sense, not at all, but seriously, gimme a shot!

coat - bess, polo shirt - f&h, belt - esprit, denim - custom, boots - cour carre

photos - ron d great
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