meg magazine, dane & a girl named ice cream

Last tuesday was MEG Magazine's 15th anniversary. In line with the celebration, they are searching for the next MEG cover girl. Part of their Top 100 finalists was my friend and former office mate, the very pretty, Dane.

So off we went to Republiq, together with her friend Ice Cream, yep, that's her name, to support her. T'was a fun night, and though Dane didn't make it to the top 16, she was happy nonetheless for the experience. Personally, i think she should be included, lookin at the girls who made the cut, Dane is way prettier. However, since am not the judge, and they might have other qualifications as well that I am not aware of that they are lookin for, i can't really comment. But like what she said, it's already an honor to for her to be part of the top 100, so let's just leave it that way.

@Dane and Ice - sorry if I failed to post your pics right away, was kinda busy. You might be asking as well where the heck the other photos go, let's just say because of procrastination, i failed to transfer all of the files and my sister reformatted the memory card. Bawi nalng ako next time. Sorry :)

@Kenneth - happy bday brother from another father! Thanks for the free booze!

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