perks of havin a skinny boyfriend

You think havin a skinny boyfriend is a bad idea? Well think again!  Lemme tell you why.

Free clothes
Havin a skinny boyfriend is like havin a girl friend where you cld borrow clothes from. Since he’s skinny, you won’t have any problems fitting into his clothes. He either got XS or XXS. Skinny jeans, check! White button down shirt, check! V neck sweater, cardigan, check! The list goes on! You’ll never have to worry bout  bringing spare clothes again if you decide to stay for a night at his place, for a little action, ahem. And if you want to keep the clothes, he’s your boyfriend anyways, so he’s fine with it.

Holding hands
He’ll always hold your hand. Girls love holding hands, so havin a skinny boyfriend is definitely a sure thing that you’ll get your hand lock fix. Not that he loves to hold hands, but when you’re outside, walking, or just standing, if that’s what you girls want, he’ll never let go of your hand coz you’ll serve as his anchor, coz the slightest gust of wind can topple him, or blow the heck out of him to oblivion. Yes it’s not a good reason but at least people will think he's really into you.

Save money
You save a lot of money eating out. Since he’s skinny, he rarely eats or if he decides to, he eats just a little. So when you order food, instead of having 2 separate orders, you’ll get one and share instead.

Instant diet
Havin a skinny boyfriend is like havin a gym instructor, a motivator and a weight watcher, sans the nagging part. He is a constant reminder that if you eat too much and don’t get in shape, he'll be more sexier than you. But don’t fret, #3 will cover the diet part.

Instant cougar and/or puma status
Most skinny guys looked younger than the average or overweight males because of their boy-like frame. So dating one will always ensure your guy will stay younger lookin for long. People will think you’re hot enough that you managed to snag a younger guy. Hope he doesn't leave you for a much younger woman though, heh!

I swear, am not trying to trick you girls into dating me. It’s just a list you know!

shirt – calvin klein, belt – no brand, jeans – uniqlo, shoes – brass
photos - kevin

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