My life, as boring as it seems, has become much more boring. Although I still occasionally go out, like last saturday, nothing exciting is really happening, nothing special. Seems like excitement is not excited to excite me.

Can’t really blame the universe for it. Guess everyone around me just got bored and decided to be boring. Or am just getting boring that am already boring ma self, perhaps am really turning into an old fart. Jeez no!

Anyways, am sharing photos of ma boring self, wearing boring clothes, which sarah took last week. Apparently, pleats on pants are back so I got excuse of wearing them again (bear with me post). Or maybe am just trying to find an excuse to justify the fact that am recycling my clothes yet again. But y’all know that already.

On the other news, might go MIA for at least two weeks coz am goin home this thursday. Am goin to our province, surigao, to see my family. Though we have internet there, the connection’s too slow, it just annoy the heck out of you and give up easily. Can’t even send 1 fuckin tweet! Hopefully the weather cooperates so I can go to the beach.

This post by the way is brought to you by Tide detergent powder. "Tide dirt magnet! Bossing sa kaputian. 5 pesos lang!" Just kidding, heh!

Thanks again y’all for droppin by. Bless bless!

shirt – topman, trousers – il faro, derby – boss
photos - toni   
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