Hey! Hey Hey! Am still alive guys, just kinda busy with work plus add the fact that it's nice to just go MIA so u'd miss me.

So this is what am supposed to wear to this event, a product and running event launching, last friday afternoon. The running host himself, mr. boy ramos, invited me to see it however, due to the fact that the event is in the afternoon, and i work at night, i failed to show up. Blame the alarm, i would say. It's kinda embarrassing coz i already said yes, hopefully he'll forgive me, let this slide and invite me in the future events, heh!

Anyways, i got nothing else to share right now, which is good for you guys, at least u'll get a time out from my constant non-sense writing and whining. And please forgive my retarded hair, i haven't received enough donation yet to pay for my haircut. :P    

Btw, here's the promotional poster of the running event of the Sante Barley Domination Run. You can also check their site here. Bless! Bless! Mofo loves you!

jacket - spf, shirt - topman, cropped pants - chocoolate, boots - asisa
photos - ron d great
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