So ron d great forgot to bring his camera yesterday and i had to content myself posing outside of our house, little ugly houses on the prairie in the background, using my sister's camera with the kit lens, and my little sister, as the substitute, trigger happy, whining, photographer.

I showed 1 photo to ms east after and her initial reaction was "your background is ugly, blur it". So blur i did, and the result's still fucked up. I should really learn how to use adobe and not rely on online picture editors, but i don't think it'd matter, am terrible anyways.

Ok, enough of my non-sense monologues. How are you guys? I hope you'd find time to leave a message, tell mofo how good looking, dapper, stylish and handsome he is. Sorry, that's asking too much, i mean leaving a comment alone is hard for you assholes, how much more telling lies, ridiculous, absurd lies. 


coat - zara, striped shirt - chocoolate, cropped pants - bossini, brogues - officine creative
photos - litol sister
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