if i had a sugar momi trois

I'll just share stuff i found on the internet, things that caught my eyes and would love to have if i had a sugar mommy. Unfortunately, my invite to the cougar town party got cancelled because of the sudden change of the maximum age limit should you wish to whore yourself to the matrons. Apparently, the women wanted 22 yrs. or below somethin guys, or boys, and since am already, ahem, 25, kidding, am no longer allowed to partake.

Luckily for me, since i have this 9-6, make it pm coz am a call boy, i'd be able to afford some of them. I'll start with a pair of wayfarer glasses, I seriously need to retire my old and dated, storm glasses. Hope to get it next week, on payday of course.

And since it's always sunny in philadelphia, i mean drizzling in manila, get yourselves a nice black or navy umbrella. I prefer the one below.

***all images above are courtesy of google and gq***

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