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Am playing homage to the first post i have here when i started folding my pants and ditching the socks, aka taking #menswear and blogging "almost" seriously. I was wearing the very same shirt and belt am wearing on the pictures above. No, i won't be discussing the ankle-baring, feet-stinking, phenomenon. This is about the shirt, polo shirt to be exact.

Polo shirt is every guy's go to top. Unlike the t-shirt, polo shirt for me is more versatile, it gives that instant almost-formal look to your ensemble without exerting too much  effort, yes cause for some people, wearing a button down or dress shirt is back breaking. This is a piece of clothing both metro and neanderthal men can both agree on.

Polo shirts come in different colors and design, i however prefer solid black or white, plain and simple. Vertical stripes is fine but those with aztec prints is a no no. Am not sure why i don't like Aztec prints, it's just not appealing for me, it's kinda dated, and i find it constricting, it makes pairing more difficult, but maybe it's just me.

On my old post, i paired it with my cheque pants, now with cropped pants, which is kinda my thing as of the moment. I used to have one pair, now i got three. I love this look, yeah coz who else would love it except me, because of its simplicity. Yes i love the magic and drama a coat or a jacket brings, and how button down shirt gives you that instant "am a professional, take me seriously" look, this one is way too easy, it's a no-brainer. Every guy would be able to pull this off, even slackers.

If cropped pants are not your thing, pair it with a slim fit jeans, chinos or even dress pants. The key for a successful look is always the fit, so don't forget that. Wear leather shoes like loafers, boat shoes and if you want the extra pow, put a jacket or blazer on. The possibilities are endless.

Here in the philippines, i prefer the shirts from f&h coz they have my size, and they're cheap. Though i have an issue with the length because am tall, it's manageable, compared to spending cash again for alterations coz other brands are just too boxy. I would love to get shirts from fred perry but they're way too pricey. But then again, i always say that, i'd fucking buy them anyway.

Hope this helps, especially my officemates, who always get confused with what a dress down and looking like a hobo looks like. You're in the office for crying out loud, you're not out in the streets begging for loose change. Our office deserves respect, so dress presentably. I don't want to hear lame excuses ever again, fuckers.

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glasses - oakley, shirt - f&h, tie belt - zara, cropped pants - chocoolate, derby - hugo boss
photos - ron d great 
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