pseudo korean and babaylan

Hello y'all! It's torture time once again!

I want to say sorry in advance if you've had enough of my 3 cropped pants but they're kinda my uniform nowadays, including the green Uniqlo jeans. Depending on what shirt is available, meaning clean, coz am soo fuckin lazy to do my laundry, or to go to the laundromat, i'd pair it with either 4 pants.

So yesterday, found this pink shirt that my friend maui picked for me, hangin in the closet. The word korean popped in ma head so i decided to pair it with my khaki trousers. Both colors are pastel, clean, so it's an obvious choice to do the same thing for the shoes, and my white leather jack purcell did the trick. For the accessories, well i've no light brown belt and my tie belt is kinda redundant already for this look, so i settled with the dark brown belt. Ditched my black and silver watches, opted for the 3 tone brass bangle i found the other day instead.

The bangle came from Babaylan Treasures. They were in Eastwood Mall last week. I had a small talk with the designer, Ms Elaine Orozco and her pretty daughter, about their wares and what not. Aside from her, she also works with other designers, my bangle was created by another designer actually. Should you be interested, you can visit their fb page, or their website

Anyways, that's all for now guys. Cebu and Bohol, keep safe, hope y'all are doing fine, my prayers are with you.

shirt – f&h, cropped pants – choccolate, belt – zara, shoes – jack Purcell

photos – hoy sarah and rowie 

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