cuteness overload

Am back on the night shift y’all! Am supposed to be happy because of the bigger pay, not to mention being on the same sched with the barkadas, but am really havin a hard time getting at least 6 hours of sleep everyday. And when am in the office, am so darn sleepy. I know, y’all have had enough of ma whining and what not, but I wanna whine anyway, so deal with it.

You might think I called this entry “cuteness overload” because am cute, I mean kinda, but am really talkin bout the babies of my friends, and their nieces.

My friend shobe, maui’s sister, just gave birth to a very pretty boy named Dylan. So yesterday afternoon we paid them a visit. I went there with the running sweethearts, mish and wes, together with mish’s very sweet, hyper and pretty daughter, anika. After that, we went to IHOP BGC to join mish’s family who were havin dinner. There I met mish’s niece, amber, who i’ve been dying to see ever since I saw her on mish’s fb posts. Amber is just so cute I want to bit her and hug her so tight, but her mom and DSWD might not like it, so I didn’t.

Anyways, it’s a tiring day y’all. Blame anika, I made a mistake of flippin her upside down, which she liked a lot, so she kept pestering me to do it over and over again, not to mention the piggy back rides. Now I miss her!

Seeing these babies, and how cute they all are, it made me think that I should really have a family, or at least a baby, of my own already, but I don’t, so boo hoo.

Volunteers, anyone?

button down - tommy hilfiger, jeans - uniqlo, wingtips - officine creative, man bag - milano man
photos - kev, wes, mish, shobe

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