a simple request

Before the year ends, i thought you guys should get another torturing. Not that y'all won't be getting any next year or until i decided to take pity and stop this non-sense. But before we welcome 2014, i think you should all see ma ugly mug again. My sort of farewell to 2013 and my way of saying thank you for bearing with me.

I know you guys are jerks and all but nonetheless am still thankful. Thanks to blogspot's views or hits counter, i know i have people who regularly visit this lowly blog. Am actually still baffled why, i mean skinny guy, ugly mug, constant whinin, wrong grammar and what not. I guess my struggles and shortcomings are your entertainment.

Kiddin aside, you know i love y'all! Hope 2014 will be more forgiving to all of us. Hope you all achieve all of your goals, hopes and dreams. Hope y'all be more happy and contented with what life could offer. You know what they say, if life throws a lemon, slice it and put it on your face, or get a tequila and drink. I know you get me.

As for the mofo, i just wanna gain weight. Am not kidding! And if it isn't too much to ask, god, can i have a mrs mofo as well? She need not be adriana lima or andrea corr, but someone tall, like 5 foot 7 or up, 110 to 140 lbs, blue, green or light brown eyes, very pretty, intelligent, uber rich, into music, arts, travel and fashion. That's not hard to find right? Right guys? Right?

Anyways, thanks again y'all! I hope you won't get tired of me. I won't promise my blog will be better, coz i suck, but i'll try. Happy new year again stylish peeps! Mofo loves y'all! Cheers!

PS. excuse the hair, it's not meant to look like that, blame the bad hair products and the wind    

knit – zara, shirt – f&h, jeans – uniqlo, single monk strap – Gucci
photos – pretty eunice, d new victim/photographer
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