not really

Time to finally post this entry that's been sittin in draft for 2 weeks now. Not that it matters, but whatever.  Took these photos during BU6 2 weeks ago at the world trade center. 

I didnt stay long actually. Just said hi to some bloggers i know and headed straight to sm megamall after to buy gifts for ma parents.

While inside uniqlo, i took selfies inside the dressing room for ma wiw and ootd. The camhore in me, i know! hehehe! After a quick shopping trip, went out, and i noticed this family waiting outside the store. I asked the mom if she'd be kind enough to take photos of me and she obliged. I swear i ddnt harrass her! My cuteness just melted her heart, that was it!

Anyways, apologies for  being a hermit these days. Am mending a fuckin broken heart. 

Not really! :P

sunnies - ray ban, button down/neckerchief - penshoppe, jeans - uniqlo, wingtips - officine creative
photos - mofo, momoutsideuniqlo
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